Blue Iris Mink Stroller - Spray of Petals
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 Blue Iris Mink Stroller - Spray of Petals

Natural Blue Iris is a soft natural mink color with its variations of bluish grey tones. This stunning mink fur stroller delights the eye with its spray of petals design that reveals itself as you turn and sway in your beautiful blue iris mink. The unusual shades of grey-blue mink are shown off in this graceful and elegant design.
Size: 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18
List Price: $9,995.00 
You Save: $2,000.00 
Our Price: $7,995.00 
More Information
Fur Description: Natural Blue Iris Mink fully let out. Length: 36" Side Seam Pockets. Hook and Eye fur closures. Fur Origin: Denmark. Also available in soft brown and golden dyed mink.

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